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Vlit had attended the IECIE Vape Exhibition, which was held in Shenzhen, China from April 14th to 16th, 2019. During the exhibition, Vlit had promote many high-quality products and had received good comments and feedback, especially the newest items Vlit podo 2 kit and Vlit vowl 40 kit .

Most of the visitors who came from the local area and many other different countries come to the IECIE Vape Exhibition. What made us most excited was that many visitors came to view our newly released products and show their keen interests on them. Besides, We met a lot of experienced vapors and potential customers who have great interests in our brand and products. what the most important is they had given Vlit many kind suggestion and warm supports. On the exhibition, we took many photos together.

On the show, Vlit most eye-catching items were our latest Products Vlit podo 2 kit and Vlit vowl 40 kit with preco mtl tank, which is a new revolutionary and innovative disposable MTL tank . These gorgeous new products really attracted many interested visitors to stop at our booth area and tried out the new items.

Many famous reviewers and vapors like our products and comment highly, Especially the Vlit vowl 40 kit. And we met with many old friends and picked up many new fans. We were pleased and touched by the attendance of the vape lovers. Vlit will keep launching new and high-quality products in the future.