WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Only for adults, MINORS are prohibited from buying e-cigarette.
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With over 1.4 Million pieces sold worldwide, our Preco series has been a great success. The Preco name which you all know and love has been in the market for under a year and has taken the vaping industry by storm. No one could have predicted that a range of products made from environmentally friendly recyclable plastics would go on to see such success in the industry.
Following on from having our Preco Tank being named Tank of the Year, we are proud to introduce the newest addition to our Preco series, the Preco 2 MTL.

This an MTL tank housed in a 510 adapter which allows you to screw of the tank and replace with a new one when the first one is finished.
This product has had countless hours of R&D to allow us to perfect a product which when we introduce to the market, will blow all over rival MTL products out of the water. We have developed the Preco 2 MTL in line with our ethos of making products which are budget friendly but deliver outstanding performance and you will find this in abundance with the Preco 2 MTL.

The other products available in our Award winning Preco line up are:
– Preco Tank – Our award winning sub ohm tank that has gone on to compete with the best sum ohm tanks on the market with its immense flavour production and cloud production, for a fraction of what sub ohm tanks cost, this tank has allowed people to cut costs on coils and buying tanks and experience market leading performance from our Sub ohm Preco tank.

– Preco MTL – The first foray into the MTL market for our Preco series was through the original Preco MTL, this little tank would deliver a hit like no other and gave that flavour from nic salts that other MTL products couldn’t at the time. After gathering points on what we could improve on this tank, we took to the drawing board to develop our perfected Preco 2 MTL.

– Preco One Kit – Launched after our success with the Preco tank, this little pocket rocket with its eye-catching LED lights delivered a chip designed to get the best out of our Preco tank. Housed within its body is a 1800mah battery which ensures the kit can keep up with your vaping needs for the full day.

– Preco Plus Kit – Our Preco Plus kit was launched at the turn of the year to be the “big brother” to the Preco one kit. The Preco Plus Kit is designed to take a single 18650 battery. It comes supplied with our award winning Preco tank with a chipset designed to deliver a quick ramp up time and performance regardless of the atomiser that was put on top of it. We have designed the Preco Plus Kit to have a smart feature to recognise what atomiser was connected and adjust its setting to provide the best performance possible for the atomiser. The Preco Plus Kit works well with other sub ohm tanks, RDAs and RTAs.
Have you enjoyed our Preco Series so far? Whats your favourite device? What would you like to see added to this range, get in touch and let us know!