WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vlit’s idea is to bring a young and energetic atmosphere to the world of e-cigarette.
We believe that people have their own way of vaping!
With most of the brands of e-cigarette in the market targeting to the seniors, quit-smoking people and working people, we also take care of the feeling and need of the young people. We believe that young peoples have their own ideas on vaping style!
The design of our products focuses on freedom, easy-to-use, comfortable, enjoyable, or sometimes wild, crazy and bursting …… all these characters reflect what a young people should be, or want to be……
On top of this, we do emphasize on healthy and safety. Vaping must be health and safe. This is our core concept too. That’s why our products not only help you vape out a younger image but also a health and safe life style.

OEM & ODM service
To be more commercially, Vlit also provide OEM & ODM service. High quality, affordable cost, on-time delivery, which make us different from others are committed to our customers. Our factory is highly efficient to complete all kind of business models. We did produce a lot of e-cigarette for the big brands all over the world. Check it out. Talk to us. You will get the solution to your need.